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Video games meet God powers!

It was like Mario on speed!


Thats great man! Hey, you got married one day after my wedding aniverrrrr WHO CAN EVEN SPELL THAT WORD?! I HAVE TROUBLE EVEN REMEMBERING IT!

Sorry, but when you forget your 1 year together it's a BAAAAAD thing!


"Complete accuracy, and in chronological order."

Ummm....no. Funny flash though.

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Few Errors

First let me say I love this game. I would like to let the person who made it know of some bugs though. When you sell an item such as a normal gun it says you should get $3 BUT you only get $2. Also As it was pointed out the enemy that spawn REALLY SUCK because of jumping over walls and in the last mission they are impossible to beat. I had about 5 of them all ready to die...then they split right at the end and I lost. I understand the need for a hard enemy with high hit points...but that many?

All that being said let me give some people a hint. When you set your towers up do not think in lines but rather in stairs. It forces them to move slower as they make their turns after every tower. Also UPGRADE YOUR GUNS! But even with this you need to remember to upgrade the ones at the end of your maze first and only upgrade one at a time.

This is a classy trip in the mind

I love the story. Since I know what it is to live in this situation (at least a little) I can say it is very well thought out and a wonderful trip into the mind!

By the way a few spoilers:
The phone by the lamp...scrible on the pad and keep scribling until the whole thing is dark...you'll know what to do.

Then the alarm...use the mirror and shine into the water.

Made me want to smash my pc

I HATE this quiz! I hate every bit of it! I hate the creator of it! I hate the program that was used to make it! I HATE IT!

That's why I love it! It made me so angry I wanted to smash my pc but couldn't because then I couldn't keep getting angry!

If there is one thing I know it is that God is true and does not lie. We need a savior. His name is Jesus. Ask me more if you want.

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